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Montag, 18 November 2019 05:12

Jarrett, Keith - Erkenntnisgewinn

I consider that if I have a purpose it's not to produce records or concerts , it's in the process of perceiving more. Since my sepecialty is music, that perceiving takes the form of sound.

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Montag, 18 November 2019 01:03

Taylor, Cecil - Freiräume

As I become older it has become increasingly clear that we are enclosed by the culture we live in. It is vital to understand that, just so you can find the space to do as much as you can of what you want to do.

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Montag, 18 November 2019 00:26

Silver, Horace - Banddisziplin

I've learned a valuable lesson. If I have a good band and one member is causing friction, I get rid of him, no matter how great he plays, before he infects the whole band and I have to fire them all and start again.

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Sonntag, 17 November 2019 23:09

Braxton, Anthony - Treibende Kraft

I’m not against people buying my records or me being rich. I’d love to be a billionaire shipping tycoon! But I have to do what I believe in. I would rather I like my music and people hate it, than for them to like it and me hate it.

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Mittwoch, 08 Januar 2014 00:00

Blakey, Art - Generationenvertrag

I try to get the young musicians, because they got it; they got a lot of ideas, they got a lot of wild ideas, they got a lot of energy. What you have to do is trade off with your experience and their energies, and fair exchange is not robbery. You show 'em which way to channel their energies and how to present themselves.

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Mittwoch, 08 Januar 2014 00:00

Bley, Carla - Songarchitektur

The trouble is, I'm like an architect who designs a house but doesn't want to spent time figuring out where to put the couch or what color curtains to have. I just get sort of bored when it comes to the interior decoration of the piece.

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Dienstag, 07 Januar 2014 00:00

Sennet, Richard - Respekt

Still, I don't believe mutual respect is merely a tool to grease the gears of society. This art has consequences for the people who practise it; exchange turns people outward - a stance which is necessary for the development of character.

Mittwoch, 17 Juli 2013 00:00

von Eschen, Penny M. - Jazz Ambassadors

The Jazz Ambassadors represented hope and possibility, not a smug claim to a perfected democracy.They articulated their connection to the world as artist and human, not a sense of uniqueness or superiority. While a jazz combo may not have been a model for a government, it did symbolize the qualities of a vibrant democracy. The jazz artists expressed individual excellence within a profound dependence on and accountability to a collective.

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